London Evening Standard

London Evening Standard, September 2016

Capital Carboot

A favourite among fashion insiders who know that rummaging through other people's junk is a way to find a gem.

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times, August 2016

How to be a successful car boot seller

The things you can do to tempt people to snap up your tat

Enough was enough. Once again, my house was silting up with stuff that really was not, to channel William Morris, either beautiful or useful, and most certainly did not, to channel the global decluttering sensation Marie Kondo, spark joy. It was time for a car-boot sale. I am not one of nature’s Del Boys, so it was some years since I had last laid out my unwanted belongings before an unbelievably picky — and tight-fisted — parade of customers. That time, my then teenage son and I ended up bickering like contestants on The Apprentice. (“But Lordalansugarsir, I told her we’d make…

ELLE Decoration

ELLE Decoration, October 2014

London's hidden treasures

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and London has long been a veritable hive of activity for the hawking of wares old and new, from antiques and curios at Bermondsey Market to vintage fashion on Portobello Road via assorted ephemera at Spitalfields.

Popular, too, are the many car-boot sales that crop up regularly around the capital. Often more a case of rummaging through bric-à-brac than admiring objets d’art, a visit to one of these events can nonetheless throw up the occasional diamond in the rough. With this in mind, I ventured forth on a bright Sunday morning to explore the weekly event held at the Pimlico Academy in SW1. Though keen-eyed dealers can pay extra for early entry, I arrived for the 11.30am public opening (at just £1, it was the day’s first bargain) and joined the lengthy queue. I was eagerly anticipating finding some gems for my new home, even though my recent move had been so arduous that I’d vowed never to buy so much as a vintage postcard again. Ranging from classic furniture, clothing and collectibles to odds and ends brought along by people clearing out their cupboards, the mix was enjoyable to sift through for a magpie such as myself. Highlights included one seller who insisted on using the term ’haute couture’ for a rather old Hardy Amies suit jacket and another who told me sternly that ’reading costs ten pounds but you can buy it for five’ as I perused a book of David Hockney exhibition posters. I settled eventually on a 1953 copy of Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer, a title that I’ve never read and that includes amazing original photographs. For only £2, it was the best sort of escapism after a few hours spent jostling among other people’s old news. Words: Harald Donoghue

Marie Claire

Marie Claire, July 2014

High Street Fashion Special: Editors' best-kept secrets

Best for designer swag, Pimlico Academy, London.

Stylist Faye Marriott set up her own car-boot sale in 2010, and for that we are eternally grateful. Attracting a young, fashion-forward crowd, Isabel Marant and Burberry samples have been known. The damage: £5 from 10.15am or £1 from 11.30am (Sundays)

Marie Claire

Marie Claire, November 2013

14 Stylist Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Best for designer swag, Pimlico Academy, London.

Stylist Faye Marriott set up her own car-boot sale in 2010, and for that we are eternally grateful. Attracting a young, fashion-forward crowd, Isabel Marant and Burberry samples have been known. The damage: £5 from 10.15am or £1 from 11.30am (Sundays)


Express, June 2013

Crash course in car boot sales

“While you may assume internet auction sites would see an end to traditional boot fairs we’ve reached capacity, with our pitches booked up weeks in advance and hundreds of sellers attending,” says Faye Marriott of Capital Car Boot. “Visitors love that they can stop and chat, view goods before they buy and pick up a bargain for pennies without worrying about postage charges.”

Time Out Magazine

Time Out Magazine, January 2013

Time Out January 2013

The saying 'one man's trash is another man's treasure' never rings truer than at a car-boot sale.

Accessories- especially designer ones-do particularly well here, so dig out those unflattering sunglassess, abandoned bags and unloved belts, and grab your car keys... Capital Carboot The salubrious central London location of this event means shoppers are willing to part with a fair amount of cash in return for quality vintage and high-end clothing. Retro garb is especially popular here, as is kitsch, granny-style homeware. Chichester St via Lupus St, W1V 3AT

The Sun

The Sun, January 2013

It's Gut-Price

Severed limbs, eyeballs and torture gear are among gory props up for offer at a car boot sale.

The London Dungeon is selling the gear ahead of the tourist attraction's March move to a new site, next to the London Eye. Torture props include a red-hot tongue puller and an "appendage cutter". The sale is at Pimlico next month. Dungeon boss Ben Sweet said: "It gives fans a chance to own a bit of our horrible history."

Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror, January 2013

Gory gear at car boot

Tourist attraction The London Dungeon is selling off macabre props… at a car boot sale.

The dungeon, which gets 700,000 visitors a year, is moving to a new home near the London Eye. Boss Ben Sweet said of Saturday's sell-off: "We decided to let fans own a bit of horrible history."

Time Out London

Time Out London, January 2013

London Dungeon car-boot sale

Pimlico Academy, Lupus St, SW1V 3AT £1. Sunday 3rd February 11.30am–3.30pm

Pimlico Academy, Lupus St, SW1V 3AT £1. Sunday 3rd February 11.30am–3.30pm If you can't be arced to taxidermy your own monster, don't despair. After 38 years of scaring people witless at London Bridge, theatrically terrifying tourist attraction The London Dungeon is moving to new premises in the bowels of County Hall on the South Bank in March. A completely new experience is promised there, which means that all sorts of gruesome props from the old site must be disposed of. So what better solution than a car-boot sale of severed limbs, false eyeballs, surgical implements and a whole range of eccentric and gory artefacts? Regulars at Pimlico's weekly Capital Car Boot, ordinarily accustomed to rummaging through the more mundane pickings of house clearances, are in for a bit of a shock. Fans of the macabre, however, will have a field day: prices for books, bones, dolls and crockery from the replica of the Ten Bells pub (thought to have been frequented by Jack the Ripper and his victims) start at just a couple of quid. The Bottom Line Something wicked this way comes…

Telegraph Online

Telegraph Online, August 2012

In the Know question

Where can I find the best car boot sales in London?


With the pricey shops in the capital, car boot sales can be a great place to pick up a bargain, whether it’s clothes or objets d’art. My mother-in-law swears by the Capital Car Boot Sale in Pimlico which takes place every Sunday with regular entry from 11.30am. She’s picked up a lot of idiosyncratic Christmas presents there.

Another Girl's Treasure

Another Girl's Treasure, September 2011

Capital Carboot

Capital Car Boot Sale could put the 'boot' (sorry I couldn't help it) into thinking garage sales are nothing but cheap boxes of washing powder sold by 'Trev' and his hungover son in some murky car park. This one's got class.

The £5 before 12 entry fee suggests that there's treasure to be had for the early worms but even at the less ghastly £1 cover as the clock strikes midday, I still managed to find some gems. This included a Calvin Klien dress for £3 and some gorgeous pendants for a mere 50p each. Win. Also spotted was a fabulous Vivienne Westwood demin skirt which at £40 was a bargain but not enough for me to part with my cash so far from payday. Fail.

There's an indoor area should it rain and a well-stocked food stall with various treats including mushroom cloud muffins and hot drinks to keep your shopping spirits up. One of the things I like about the boot sale is the well-produced website and regular tweets from their twitter handle. Follow @Capitalcarboot and you can expect to get secret codes to offer free entry, updates on some of the great stuff people buy and useful info if you want to hold a sale yourself.

ES Magazine

ES Magazine, September 2011

Seven days - SUNDAY

If you have an eye for a bargain, head to Pimlico for the chicest of car boot sales.

Capital Carboot attracts a young crowd, many dealing in vintage fashion and collectables. The word on the street is that cast off Isabel Marant and Mulberry items have been picked up here in recent weeks, so get there early to bag the best swag.

Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine, August 2011

Team Elle After Hours

When the office lights go out and the fashion cupboard is locked, where do team Elle go out to play?

Susie Wong/ Deputy Chief Sub-Editor - 
I like shopping at car-boot sales. Traipsing around a field on a Sunday morning, you never know what you're going to find, but it will be a bargain. Enq,,

Time Out London

Time Out London, July 2011

Everyone loves a bargain

Everyone loves a bargain, and the best ones aren't always exclusive to end-of-season sales.

This summer, it's all about carboots. The new host of London sales are full of fantastic high-end steals and electic items, and you don't have to drag yourself out at the crack of dawn to get your hands on them. We've included a couple of 'boot-iques' a little further afield for even lower prices and a wider variety of goods- so why not make a day of it?

Capital Carboot

You may have read about Capital Carboot in our 'New markets' issue in April (TO 2119), where we praised this particular sale for being the most cosmopolitan of its kind. Unusually for a carboot, Capital has a strong online prescence, with regular updates on Facebook and Twitter pages, and a form on their website for stall reservation. There's even a charming 'find of the week' gallery, which has recently offered up lovingly distressed vintage leather suitcases, the likes of which you could expect to be paying anything upwards of £50 on the highstreet. 

Maintaining a strong sustainable ethic, Capital Carboot works alongside Westminster Council to provide recycling facilities onsite. Oh, and there are also toilets for visitors who just can't control their retail excitement.

Le Cool

Le Cool, June 2011

Shopping: Capital Carboot

The simple but evident glee that goes through a girl's mind when she hears the words 'carboot sale' is four-fold.

1. poking and nosing through other people's stuff. 
2. walking off with a bargain to brag endlessly about. 
3. the feel-good feeling of recycling. 
And 4. chancing upon that treasure that's someone else's trash. Pure quantifiable magic. 

Open most Sundays, only a £1 entry or free if you sign up to their Facebook or Twitter accounts is the Capital Carboot Sale. Hosted in Pimlico Academy it's not like turning up to a four-storey car park in Slough and for as little as £5 you can bring along your own wares to sell. I think my best ever find was a wicker 2-seater sofa with swans for arm-rests bought for a tenner, wouldn't fit in my car so sold it on for £20 there and then. Trotter Academy NVQ with Honours. 

Emerald Street

Emerald Street, May 2011


Rumours have surfaced of cast-off Isabel Marant and other designer finds at thiscarboot sale in Pimlico.

Early bird tickets £5, from 11.30am, 15 May, Pimlico Academy, Chichester Street entrance, London, SW1V

Time Out Magazine

Time Out Magazine, April 2011

Capital Carboot

It launched last September, and has grown from a small event into a major player on London's car boot calendar with more than a hundred sellers on a good day - with both indoor and outdoor pitches.

The modern approach (one of the few car boots that are Facebook and Twitter savvy) has attracted a generally younger crowd, many of whom deal in vintage fashion and collectables - and brands like Isabel Marant, Mulbery and the odd Luella handbag have been plucked from this carboot in recent weeks.

Holiday Goddess

Holiday Goddess, April 2011

Holiday Goddess Editors explore London's latest and greatest weekend car boot sale in Pimlico

A short walk from Victoria Station.

We have been to some deeply unglamorous car boot sales in England over the years. Usually held in a howling gale in an empty car park, they have all the vibe and atmosphere of... an empty car park. Capital Carboot in Pimlico, near Pimlico tube station in central London, is a splendid alternative. The best stuff goes first, as always, and so you'll pay more to go in at 11am (£5) than the hangover crowd do, from 1pm (then it's just £1). Hopefully you'll save that and more, as there is a strong vintage fan/seller community attached to Capital Carboot. The locals also tend to be the kind of people who've collected the music you want, the books you love, and the last-season shoes you crave. That's a big plus for anyone who's been to a car boot sale and seen a big pile of yuck for sale! We're not saying everything here is what we'd necessarily want to take home... but with so much on offer, if you're a confirmed recycler, you're bound to find at least one thing that makes you squeak.

Time Out London

Time Out London, March 2011

Possibly the chicest carboot around

Time Out says: Possibly the chicest carboot around, lucky rummagers at this sale have in recent weeks walked away with items from Isabel Marant, Mulberry and Luella.

Style High Club

Style High Club, February 2011

My junk - your treasure

Come to my stall at the Capital Carboot this Sunday

I've spent the last few weeks cleaning out my flat, which has resulted in four huge bags full of clothes, bags, books and odd bits. I'll be flogging things at the Capital Carboot Sale this Sunday, where I'll be sharing a stall with my glamorous friend Claire who will be bringing a car load of vintage and retro.

Do come and see us - I'll be selling a 60s faux fur for £30 and my treasured Marc Jacobs stam bag for £70. See you at Pimlico from 13:00 to 16:00!

i-D online

i-D online, January 2011

My Car Is Too Bootylicious For You Babe

With a car boot sale around every corner, i-D online whittles down our top 5 bargain hotspots to check out before the summer officially ends.

Car booting is blowing the dust off the nation's goodies, leaving them exposed to a bargain hungry market in the grip of recession. Everyone's a winner with buyers and sellers profiting at these early weekend ventures. The once thought of mucky rummage through someone's unwanted possessions is now a designer rabbit hole with high fashion labels lying amongst bric-a-brac. From London to Manchester and back, here's our pick of bootys to brave. The bigger the better.

Capital Car Boot, Pimlico Academy, London, Sunday 12.30pm – 4pm 

This London based boot sale is slicker than your average, set up last year by ex-stylist and personal shopper Faye Marriott. The event is supported with Twitter and Facebook sites, a feature not often found, resulting in a much younger crowd. The plus-side is also a slight negative however; the designer garments are plentiful but the sellers are well aware of their resale value! Don't be put off, a bargain can still be hunted down. Recent items found here include Mulberry and Luella handbags.

Wots her name again

Wots her name again, November 2010

Another Mans Treasure

This weekend packed up my car Picked up Ms Tagoe and headed down to the Capital car boot site at Pimlico Academy offers both indoor and outdoor stalls in a bid to get rid of some of my clutter as well as some items were not selling in my eBay store.

I had been to Capital car boot and enjoy talking to and watching the different types of people that attend, having a good rummage for bargains at the other stalls and of course making a bit of money is always a good incentive.

Unfortunately due to the miserable weather it was not as busy as it has recently but there was a lot sellers with some cool items which lead to me breaking my "Don't spend any money" rule picking up the following beauties for a steal.

- Vero Moda Black Fun Fringe Mini Dress Size M
- Knitted TU dress with gold buttons
- Bold Print Halter Neck Wrap around Dress One Size
- Ecote Blue Silk Top Size L
- Marc B Chelsea Quilted Chain Bag
- Isabel Marant Peach Coloured Cotton & Lace Top
- Miss Tagoe also managed to stumble upon this banging Grey suede and Leather Trent Boots

Retro to go

Retro to go, October 2010

We do love a good rummage at a carboot sale here on Retro To Go.

Central London's got a new sale to add to the calendar, with the Capital Carboot sale which takes place in Pimlico every Sunday (Easter, Christmas and New Year excepting).

The organisers aim to bring the car boot sale 'into the twenty-first century' and the site at Pimlico Academy offers both indoor and outdoor stalls. However, it's still the familiar mixture of interior goods and clothing and all the fun of the hunt on offer.

Vintage guide to London

Vintage guide to London, October 2010

Capital Carboot

Rather disappointingly most inner-London car boot sales don't quite live up to what they promise and are more about flogging cheap fake-leather bags and out-of-date cosmetics rather than any real vintage treasures.

So we were rather excited to hear about a new car boot, Capital Carboot, which has started up in Pimlico. With plenty of records, books, clothes, shoes, jewellery and home ware on sale, this is exactly the kind of rummaging ground we've been waiting for. For those thinking about having a clear out, stalls start at a very affordable £8.

Fashion capital

Fashion capital, September 2010

Capital Carboot

Last week we told you about the new stylish carboot sale that takes place every Sunday in London. The first one of its kind took place this Sunday gone and it was a huge success with over 650 visitor's to the event.

There were some real treasures to be found such as a Manoush dress for £6, vintage dresses from £3 and vintage handbags from £2! This is a great place to go to find an unusual piece for a great price or to clear your wardrobe ready for the new season.

Capital carboot would really like to encourage more of this so are kindly offering a £5 stall discount to any Fashion Enter/ Fashion Capital users. This offer is valid for this Sunday 26th September and the following Sunday 3rd October. All you need to do is quote 'Fashion capital' in the comments section of your booking on